Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Alex's 14th Birthday!!

(Subtitled: BAD mommy didn't download pictures in June)

Alex turned 14 last month. That is just unbelievable!!! He's still a handsome boy with an amazing smile.

He basically received one gift this year: an iPod Touch. I'm sure there are those who would disagree, but I think Touches are one of the most amazing gifts. Of course he can listen to music, but he also listens to audiobooks (he's going through the Chronicles of Narnia now), plays educational games, watches downloaded movies while we're in the car, and plays many, many other games. Alex still struggles with reading, so the audiobooks are wonderful for him. He has several other areas where he is behind, and we've found 'apps' to help address those problems in a fun and innovative way. All this to say that while it is an expensive gift (thanks to grandparents for chipping in!) it is so versatile and useful my only regret is not getting him one sooner!!


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David and Sarah said...

Happy (belated) birthday!!