Saturday, April 18, 2009

My computer is so messed up...

...and my pictures are messed up, too. Instead of being able to see the pictures I want to upload to Blogger, I am seeing the number assigned to the picture. I decided to just pick one and blog about it. Ya know, get back in the game, all that jazz.

Yeah. So here is a picture of my nekkid 4 year old sitting on Bruiser's dog bed (makes me want to bathe her right now!). Please note the painted portrait of Bruiser on the wall. Bruiser is not our dog, although he occasionally comes to visit; he is my parent's dog; before that he was my grandmother's dog; before that he was the dog of my sister's friend. He is, shall we say, a bit neurotic but I can't say as I blame him when every couple of weeks or so my 8 kids descend upon his kingdom (because only a king would have his portrait over his bed).

Yep, I'm back in the game!

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