Monday, March 16, 2009

Emma gems

Emma is such a funny little girl. She is almost always smiling and even when she gets grumpy she can be tickled or joked out of it.

Emma has recently lost a couple of teeth. The first tooth came out while we were in China and my dad (PopPop) pulled it for her. Shortly after we came home the second tooth was clearly loose and I kept trying to get her to let me wiggle it (if not pull it). Her response was always the same, "PopPop do it." Great! He only lives an hour away and yet is now the official tooth puller.

Eventually I was able to persuade her to let me have a go at the tooth and it popped right out. So this morning I asked her to let me wiggle another tooth to see if it's loose. I clearly have not won her over, but I had no idea how stiff the competition is now. She totally trumped me by saying, "Jesus do it." (No, PopPop, she was not confusing you with Jesus.)

Over Christmas Emma had a conversation with her Aunt Connie that devolved into this:

Connie: No.

Emma: Yes.

Connie: No.

Emma: Yes.

Connie. N.O. No.

Emma: A.B.C. Yes.

I think Connie was laughing too hard at this point to continue. So now, naturally, we all say ABC Yes!


Leslie said...

Too funny!

3 Sons said...

So sweet!

Jill said...

How cute is that! She's adorable. :o)

Bill said...

I love my Emma. PopPop got a kick out of reading about her.