Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Photos from Eagles Wing III in Jiaozuo

Here are some of the children who were Dean's friends during his month in Jiaozuo. Several of these cutey pies are going to be adopted soon, and I am so thrilled that I finally figured out how to log on and get these photos online for their sweet parents!!! I posted every picture I took while I was there, too. Notice there are no pictures of Dean. As I said, he was clinging to my leg for dear life.

As I told my Jiaozou Yahoo group, though, this part of the orphanage feels like a family, moreso than any of the four orphanages I've visited in past adoptions. Jenny and all the Ayis who work there were so sweet and the children clearly felt at home and loved.

This is my favorite picture (although I didn't realize the Ayi's eyes were shut), because you can see how the kids are right at home crawling all over her. Reminded me of home. ;-)


Ric said...

Just wanted to share that we are rejoicing with you and your family as you enjoy your new son! Praying for you and the days ahead. I have enjoyed following your trip - thank you all for sharing.
Jen Thompson
Jiaozou group member
sister in Christ
Son waiting for us at Philip Hayen Foundation
(from Henan)

Ashley and Mike said...


Thank you so much for the great pictures of my girl and her friends. This totally made my day! Enjoy each other and have fun!


April said...

Thank you so much!!!! My sweetie pie was the first picture and seemed to have made in most of them. He'll fit right in with his sister who loves pictures being taken of her. I'm so glad to see those glider bikes because a friend of mine got Felix one just like it!!!! For everyone who is still waiting, I will take photos of ours precious ones on 2/4. This is the day we visit EW.
Thanks-April, Felix Fu Xi mom