Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More from Shaolin Temple

OK, so we're home and I haven't posted in forever, but as John said: I'm too tired to flap and probably to write, too.

I will start with a typical sign in China. I'm sure you've all heard of this place as it is obviously well-known.

Part of Shaolin temple includes these monuments called Stupas. There are several hundred and they are really beautiful.

The marker, above, can be clicked on to enlarge and it is saying that the stupa pictured below was built in 791 A.D. for Master Fawan's remains. 791 A.D. That's awfully old. Stupas are still being built today. My picture of the newest stupa didn't turn out, but it has carvings of airplanes and laptops on it! The style is definitely old-school stupa. Trust me.

They may not look much like father and son, but the smiles tell the real story!

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AZmomto8 said...

Nothing makes me happier than seeing parents holding their new children!