Friday, December 26, 2008

Two new pictures of Dean

This was Dean at his Christmas party yesterday. He is back in Jiaozuo at the orphanage, but not actually in the main orphanage but rather in a different part that is run by an Australian ministry. The Australian ladies who live there and love on the kids gave them a huge Christmas party and wrapped gifts! He also received an Elmo toy from some parents here in the US, and apparently Dean loves Elmo. I need to be sure and get an Elmo movie or two for the trip, that's for sure.

Doesn't he look big? I guess he'll fit that nice new bike his NiNi and PopPop gave him for Christmas!

This tiny picture was part of an email from Hope Foster Home, who had been in charge of his care in Beijing. They always tell you when a child has gone back to the sending orphanage for an adoption, and this was his month! Which reminds me...having gotten so far behind on blogging I guess I'd better mention that we are leaving in less than two weeks to get this handsome fellow! John and I are going to Beijing for a few days to sightsee and meet Dean's foster parents (yippee!), then on to Zhengzhou. Zhengzhou is a city of 7 million souls that few in the US have even heard about, me included. We have to stay there for a week to get adoption stuff finished, and get his passport. We should also get a little sightseeing done, possibly going to the Longmen Caves or the Shaolin (sp?) Temple, which is the birthplace of kung fu.

We move on to Guangzhou for a few more days to get his visa and then we head home. Not directly home, however, because we decided it would be more humane for all three of us to stay over in LA rather than arriving at the airport at midnight and still having an hour drive home. I'm not sure we'd make it! Also, we have to go through customs and, more importantly, immigration with Dean and that will take some time. Pray that we all sleep on the flight from Shanghai to LA! We had a terrible time bringing Alex home from Russia, and we were ten years younger then. Hopefully we are ten years wiser, too, and perhaps that will make the difference.

Another positive is that Dean has seen us already. Not in person, of course, but via webcam. We even got a 'Ni hao, Baba' out of him toward John. Yes, I think John's heart melted! Mine, too.

Stay tuned...I have big plans for catching up on some old posts...Vera's adoption anniversary, Alex's 10 year adoption anniversary, Anna's birthday, Christmas, and then on to China!


momof4jones said...

John and Jill,
I am following your blog and glad to see that you are posting again. We are excited for you and would love to visit with you when you return. Dean is precious, as are your others. David and I are also in the paper process to adopt from China. I'm sure you have much wisdom that you could pass along to us. Our prayers are with you.
David and Suzette Jones

3 Sons said...

He is just adorable! Hugs to you, friend!

Amanda in RI said...

I'm so happy to see an update from you, Jill! I hope you had a fabulous Christmas!

Can't wait to hear the news that your new boy is home safe & sound.

Have a blessed New Year!

Laura Lu said...

Hallelujah!!! I've been checking in on here to see if you were leaving to get that sweet boy of yours. I'm so super excited for you to finally have him in your arms! Praise Jesus!

and know that i will be praying you home...sleep and all!