Friday, October 3, 2008

Tilt your head and watch Ella boogie!

I know, I know...another video shot with no regard for the camera's orientation.  Because I am using a regular camera rather than a video camera to shoot the film, I always forget that it matters how the camera is held.

Oh, and Ella really does like Luke, but she hides it well in this movie.  You can hear Vera telling Ella to 'shake your booty.'  I filmed this on Ella's birthday in August.  I'm working my way backward through the pictures that I finally loaded!



June Berger said...

She sure can shake it ;o) How cute she is!

colbylobrien said...

Jill--I LOVE the video! How cute!

By the way, I just nominated your blog to receive an award. Please stop by my site to see the details.