Sunday, July 6, 2008

A few summer pics...

Yes, we're still alive around here...I don't know why I haven't posted an entry in so long, although perhaps when you see our boring lives you'll know why! These are a few pics of the girls playing in the dining room recently. The pattern block set Emma has in front of her are one of our fave toys around here. We've had the set forever and have even purchased two sets to make sure we have enough to go around. I've always made nifty designs on a flat surface with them, so I love how Emma took them 3-D! I'm planning on taking a galllon zip-loc full of them to China in hopes of Dean liking them as much as the rest of us. Plus it's a fairly quiet game!

Vera's a ham sometimes, what can we say? I love that huge smile!

I love Anna's smile, too. It's a bit less ferocious, though. Anna, Vera, and Song are all in the process of growing out bangs. Sigh.

Sweet sisters...well, sometimes, anyway.

Stop the paparazzi act, Mom!

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