Friday, May 16, 2008

School's out! School's out!

Someone let the monkeys out!

Yes, we're done for the year. OK, not for the calendar year, but the school year, of course. I have big plans, however, for each of the big kids to pick a topic and study it in depth over the summer. I also have big plans to work on some math issues with Song and Luke, but we'll see how that goes. Believe it or not, the kids are fine with doing more work. They like school days at home.

I haven't ordered our curriculum for next year yet, but I plan to do so soon. For the last few years, Luke has always grabbed one of the main history texts and read it for pleasure over the summer and on into the year. Actually, I don't think that adequately explains what Luke does. Somehow, he manages to memorize the book! When I tell the kids what the history topic for the day is, he can immediately tell me which title/page number we will be studying and tell us all about it. It's a little freaky! So, I have disturbed him greatly by reminding him that we're about to have all new books this year and we're going into American history, which he has not studied. Poor baby...he'll have to learn along with his siblings. So, in support of his history habit, I will likely order the books soon so he'll have a head start. Actually, it helps me, as the teacher, to have a back-up brain! Luke not only knows the material, but understands it and sees the connectedness of all the pieces and can easily discuss it with us while we study. I'm sorry for all the bragging, but as the teacher and as his mom it is really fun to watch!

I don't know where he picked up this love for history. I hated it in school. I actually like it now, and I guarantee I'm learning at least as much as the kids! I couldn't have told you what the Magna Carta was until I taught it this year, or the Pax Romana, or even why the Reformation started with Martin Luther, even though he wasn't the first to discern the abuses of the Catholic Church. Now, I know. ;-)

So, school's out for a while, but I'm hoping it's never completely out. We will continue to practice the various Bible passages we learned this year. For instance, all four big kids can say Philippians 2:3-16; well, one of them struggles, but has still learned a LOT. That's pretty cool! Especially since one of the verses is: Do everything without complaining or arguing. And another verse is: Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus. Those are good verses to have handy!

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