Monday, May 5, 2008

More Easter pictures

The kids had a great time searching for eggs at NaNa's house after the Easter service at NaNa's church.  This is the first year that the boys thought they were too old for egg searching, so they helped with egg hiding.  We had several hundred eggs.  That's plain old hard to hide!


Stepping Out of the Boat said...

Too Cute! And that sure is a whole lot of eggs... :)

JulieTX said...

I am JulieTX from FIAR message board. I found your blog via the link on the FIAR boards. You and have always stood out to me on the boards. Then I realized that I you lived in the DFW area. I live in Keller and I just saw your names on your blog and I think I might have been in a parenting class with you about 10 years ago. My husband and I took a Growing Kids class in NRH hills and your names sounds very familiar. We didn't attend that church however took classes their for a while that our church didn't offer. Maybe I am totally off my rocker (that is a possibility!) and you are not the person from the class but I had to post and see! You have a beautiful family!!! WOW, God is amazing!