Monday, March 10, 2008

Like every other blogger in the area...

...I must show some pictures of our unexpected March snowfall, a mere week after having a 90 degree day! A mere week before we may be having a near 90 day, too! Crazy Texas weather, that's for sure.

That's an awfully cute face for someone with larceny on her mind.

Two Russians + one hot natured girl = more snow/play time!
I loved this picture of the snow on the Mexican plum blossoms. Those blooms must be very hardy, because they are still on the tree.

Our resident cardinal...


Charissa said...

Cute pictures, looks like fun.

Michelle said...

Hi Jill! The kids look so cute all bundled up for the snow! We were slammed here too with the snow! Now it's all melting away - Darn - lol! Your Plum Blossoms are gorgeous with the snow on them! Also, the videos of the girls dancing are adorable!

Take care!
Michelle (RR)