Sunday, March 16, 2008

A few pictures of a few kids!

I forgot to add a picture of Alex with his snowman last week. That's a pretty good snowman considering we only had about an inch of snow. No, they're not incarcerated, but mommy didn't want to walk out into the mud to get the picture.
Looking pretty before church.
Cutey pie Ella in her dress made by my Five in a Row friend Kelly TN. I got more compliments on that dress...and it is cute, especially on my little model.
Still clean and pretty after church...note that Vera didn't make this picture! Let's simply say she's an enthusiastic colorer!
I think Ella wanted to go with her daddy to Arizona last week. So hard to explain to little ones when a parent is gone on a trip.


Amy W said...

That's the cutest LITTLE snowman!:)
And your girls look so pretty all dressed up!Amy

Michelle said...

Great snowman! And, the girls look so adorable all dressed up (They look adorable all the time anyway!) :o)

Michelle said...

I just love your kids. They are all beautiful, tell V Ciarra gets a little carried away with the coloring too. ;)

AZmomto7 said...

I loved the pictures of all the girls! It is good to see that another mom loves Gymboree as much as I do, though we have not got any lately. LOL

I wonder how their new brother will take having so many sisters? :o)