Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tag! I'm it!

My friend Alana tagged me: I have to make a list of 7 things about me, then tag 7 more people. Well, hmmmmm....

1. I'll be 40 this year, and I'm excited about it!

2. I only wanted 2 children when I got married. I still don't know what happened.

3. I once fell down so spectacularly, as a spectator at a basketball game that both teams sent their trainers over to see if I needed medical attention.

4. About 6 years ago I shocked myself unconscious on an electric dog fence.

5. When I was 7 I was in traction for two weeks, followed by six weeks in a body cast after breaking my leg skiing.

6. In 7th grade I broke a bone in my foot while skipping in flip flops. My dad still made me attend basketball camp on crutches.

7. My nickname as a child was 'Grace.'

I am tagging Ronette at Live, Laugh, Learn, Amanda's Towne House, Jen's Good Fruit, Amy and Sons, Shelley at Life as Household Six, Laura at Stepping Out of the Boat and Charissa at the A Day in the Life of the Urbans.


Alana - The Mommy said...

LOL! JILL! That is hysterical! You poor thing.

Charissa said...

I think "Calamity" would have been more appropriate than "Grace".

Amy W said...

Too Funny!!!!! Glad you're still in one piece!LOL!

Molly said...

Cracking up! Glad you survived!

Anonymous said...

From what I hear that is only the half of it.

Bill said...

To anonymous: Everything that Jill said is true, and there are more good stories where those came from.
One of my favorites is that when she was in seventh grade, she couldn't make her up between a career as a lawyer, or as a beauty operator. And of course, neither of them won.

Her mom

Amanda in RI said...

Well, good thing I came here tonight, or I wouldn't have known that I was tagged!

You crack me up, Jill! The electric fence story will always be my favorite!

Amanda in RI said...

No worries, Jill! I don't mind being tagged by you! :)