Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Random pictures

Vera holding one of our new, and unexpected, puppies, all of whom are black.
Song playing the air Guitar Hero, mentally trying to help Luke. Please note that Luke is not, repeat NOT, wearing a Texas Rangers hat. His cousins gave him a Dallas Cowboys hat and a Texas Tech hat and he actually wears them. It's a miracle. He has a rotation of hats now, so we only have to see and smell the Rangers hat every third day.
That Emma girl loves to dance, and she's quite dramatic. Prissy, actually.
More proof that school occurs in our household. Well, at least it's proof that we have a school room, school table, and some books, not to mention some goofy looking students.
Yes, we have tables, but apparently no beds. So, so sad. So, so cute!

Ella looks more comfortable this go-round, and you've gotta love those hot pink boots!
Song, the puppy's greatest champion. I promise she has other clothing besides the yellow vest, but she surely doesn't mind wearing it for several days in a row. Considering how big Mt. Laundry can get in our home, I surely don't mind her wearing it more than once! If only more of the children could stay clean enough...
I thought this was a pretty cool castle that Luke built. We've been studying Medieval history and were looking at castle layouts so Luke had to demonstrate his knowledge of the subject.


Shelley said...

What curiculum are you using for Vera and Emma to teach reading, writing & math? I'd love to see write a post on how you're home schooling your girls with Ds. I'm currently doing lots of research on what works and doesn't and I'd love to hear/see/read what you have found that works :)

Amy W said...

I love your pictures of your children!! They are all so cute, epecially when they are sleeping:) Tell Luke that is an awesome castle!