Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I have a new job!

I am now both the Korea Family Coordinator and the Liberia Family Coordinator for The Shepherd's Crook ministry, a wonderful ministry dedicated to finding Christian homes for special needs children around the world.
What does this mean? If a prospective adoptive parents, say YOU, finds a Korean or Liberian waiting child at The Shepherd's Crook website and clicks on the email link to get more information about said child, then I will get that email and either answer your question or direct you to the agency that represents said child. Once YOU have decided to adopt said child, I will send you a package to welcome you into The Shepherd's Crook family, as well as providing lots of good information and inspiration. Most importantly, I encourage YOU through the process and pray for you as you jump through all the hoops involved in international adoption.
How did I get this wonderful new job, you ask? Easy....I got to be friends with my very own Family Coordinator, Alison, who prayed us through Vera's adoption, and later told us about Ella and prayed us through her adoption, as well. When Alison mentioned that TSC was hoping to expand and represent children in Liberia, but were low on Family Coordinators, I jumped right on it and asked if I could be one. Clearly desperate for help, no matter the quality, she allowed me to sign on as the Liberia Family Coordinator. To date, we have not had ONE child to list from Liberia, so they let me take over Korea as well. The special needs children, not the country.
So....I am excited to say that every year The Shepherd's Crook has a meeting for their Family Coordinators, and this weekend is it! I will be flying to Cincinnati on Friday and finally having the privilege of meeting the amazing Rosenow family, the founders of TSC. I also get to meet my wonderfully fun friend, Alison!! It is truly a dream come true to meet a group of people who love special needs children and adoptions as much as I do...maybe even more!


Alana - The Mommy said...

What a blessing for you and for all the families you will help! Best wishes on the new job, and enjoy your time in oHIo!

Amy W said...

Wow! What a rewarding job! Congratulations Jill!

Charissa said...

You must feel honored to have such a position. That is wonderful!

Shelley said...

Wow, what a great job! Congratulations!

Amanda said...

Congrats on the new job, Jill--you will be fabulous, I know!

This is funny, though, that you are going to Cinci--if I were at the Pampered Chef Leadership Conference this year, I would be in Cinci, too! Wouldn't THAT be fun? :) :)

Jennifer said...

You are so perfect for this!!! I have a friend who just got 3 children from with some serious special needs. What a blessing you will be to these families. (Do I dare predict your own Liberian sweetheart one day?)


Christina said...

Wonderful news Jill! You will be a blessing to TSC ministry!


Stepping Out of the Boat said...


You have been the most amazing support to me along our adoption journey...anyone who works with you will be incredibly blessed!!!!

CONGRATS, Darling!!!

Leslie said...

I was wondering just the other day if you had started yet. I hadn't seen any children listed from Liberia yet.

I agree with the others - you are PERFECT for this job! What a joy it will be for people to work with you!

I hope your time in Cinci is wonderful.

Hugs to you,