Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Anna's School

I recently 'rowed' A Pair of Red Clogs with sweet little Anna Blythe. Although I would say emphatically that the Five in a Row curriculum is complete, I was nonetheless able to add quite a bit of material to our study. A few years ago, I took the oldest three students on a trip around the world, educationally speaking, and one of the countries we studied was Japan. We therefore had quite a few books to look at, because A Pair of Red Clogs is set in Japan:

We really loved reading all about Japan and the religion and cultures and geography. I had hoped to do a particular craft with Anna, but it involved gathering bits and pieces of plants from outside, and it's been too cold and rainy for me to want to supervise! Maybe later....

See, I really am a homeschooling mom, and not just an adoption addict. Truly.

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