Friday, December 14, 2007

Luke's new joke

Brett Favre, quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, dies and goes to heaven. He is greeted at the Pearly Gates by Jesus, who whisks Brett away to show him his new home in heaven. Brett is delighted by his spacious log cabin home, the interior of which is completely decked out in Packers memorabilia, until he looks out one of the windows to see the largest mansion ever, with Cowboys' flags, painted the blue and silver Cowboys' colors. He is aghast and turns to Jesus to ask why Tony Romo's mansion is so much better than his? Jesus replies, 'That's not Tony Romo's mansion. That's My House.''s good to root for God's team.


Ronette said...

LOL!! That is hilarious, Jill!


Michelle said...

I'm confused...God's team? He must have meant it was a PATRIOTS flag he saw flying. ;)

Amanda in RI said...

I, ahem, have to agree with Michelle!

Funny joke, though! I'll have to teach it to my TX nephews!