Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Eve at PopPop's and NiNi's house

Yipee!! A new camera for me from my sweet and generous parents!! I managed to get a few pictures with the new camera before the evening was over.

Alex and Aunt Paige, his idol.
Luke, sporting his new contacts! No, he didn't get them for Christmas, but I don't think I've put any pictures of him on here with the new look.
Anna with a sore red nose...won't you guide our sleigh tonight?
Daddy clapping for....? Probably Ella, because she seems to require a lot of clapping.
My sweet little Emma Lane, checking out her new goodies.
Relaxing after the gift opening frenzy while wondering whether we need to stuff our faces with more tenderloin, or some shrimp from Aunt Paige's interesting shrimp sculpture, or finish ourselves off with some cheesecake! Yummy.
Ella is still a little unsure of her NiNi...we think she is afraid that NiNi is somehow connected to Colombia and might take Ella back! Poor baby girl....she's staying here forever!

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Stepping Out of the Boat said... guys are so adorable! I would have gone for the cheesecake! ;) And poor little Ella...what a sweetheart!

Thanks for sharing the night with us!

Christmas Eve found me doing everything possible to not turn into a sobbing fruitcake! :) I was on cloud 9 with Hudson in my arms, but my heart ached to watched my girls squeel with glee during the night. ;)