Saturday, October 27, 2007

A poem for Hudson Dean

Our adoption agency (CHI) has a very active Yahoo group for all the families going through their special needs adoption program. Each time the agency is given a new group of special needs kids, the parents on the group come up with a list of Westernized names for the kids, and the kids are listed under those names on a differen website called the 'fotki' site. Our son-to-be was given the name Nash until they realized he had already been given a Western name of Spencer by his foster care sponsor, so he became Spencer Nash on their list.

Whenever one of the kids is officially matched to a family, a staffer at the agency writes a poem with clues as to the family's location and even some clues about their family. Below is the poem that was written for our little Spencer Nash!

(Since we are so close to Halloween, of course this ditty comes to mind. Sung to the tune of Monster Mash)

A family viewed the fotki site late one night
When their eyes beheld a handsome sight
A little boy wearing a sweater green
And suddenly they began to scream

We love this Nash!
We love this Spencer Nash!
We love this Nash!
Don't let his file crash
We love this Nash
Call CHI in a flash
We love this Nash
We love this Spencer Nash

So they'll send the LOI to the CCAA
And wait on pins and needles for their longed PA
They have to get a waiver on family size
But all through the wait you could hear their cries

We want our Nash
We want our Spencer Nash
We want our Nash
Its time to save our cash
We want our Nash
Do the dossier mad dash
We want our Nash
We want our Spencer Nash

They plan to bring him home to where they were born
Mid cotton, armadillos and some Longhorn
They'll make sure that his life is filled with Spice
As the youngest child there, life will be so nice!

We'll love our Nash
We'll love our Spencer Nash
We'll love our Nash
His addition is a smash!
We'll love our Nash
Throw our worries in the trash
We'll love our Nash
We'll love our Spencer Nash!


The Urbans said...

How cute! I vaguely remember that song.

Bill said...

I had no trouble figuring out who the adopting family is.