Saturday, October 20, 2007

Luke's Birthday!

Oh boy! Another 12 year old boy in the house!! We celebrated in the usual ways...opening presents after everyone is up (yes, Anna, Vera and Emma are all wearing John's t-shirts for pajamas) and sending the birthday boy on a treasure hunt for his big gift. Although the big kids look like they're in a conga line, they are actually looking for the next clue in the treasure hunt.
They finally found it in my bathroom! Ta Da! A new Lego castle, to go with the approximately 20 other Lego castles we seem to have. That boy is a Lego castle building machine. I don't know how much he cared about this particular castle, but he sure wanted all the pieces to serve his larger purposes.
Another collecting need got satisfied: sport jerseys. He's sporting Graham Harrell's number here, and he also got an Otsuka Ranger's jersey, although the place I ordered it from sent the wrong size--a child's small. It might have fit Emma.
And here's the Lego castle. Luke always builds it the proper way once, and then never again.
I was able to take Luke out for a birthday date to the Mexican Inn. Yum! Then he had his usual birthday dinner that I make: cajun shrimp alfredo, fruit salad, fried okra, and homemade cheesecake. Fattening, fattening, fattening, but only once a year!


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