Monday, July 30, 2007

Really, you should read this...

I've got a permanent link already on my blog, but just in case the three of you who actually read this thing have missed it, you should look at Dick Rutgers wheelchair ministry blog. He usually posts for the previous week every Sunday. Yesterday, he told of a frantic call he received from one of his young wheelchair recipients, Ronny. Ronny's mother was robbed and nearly shot on her way home from the grocery store on a bus.

Just stop right many of us have to take a bus to get groceries for a large family. I don't. I drive my van straight to the store.

So, Ronny's family has no groceries, 9 family members (best I can tell from their photo), and no way to get any more money or groceries in their remote corner of Guatemala. Oh, and as you'll see in the photo, their home (tin shack) is standing in 5 inches of water.

Some of them are even smiling in the picture. Imagine that.

I'm going now to consider my many options for feeding my family of 9 dinner tonight in my air conditioned home that is not currently standing in five inches of water, despite the rains we've had today.

Go look, go pray. Thank God for your plenty, not out of guilt, but out of a deeply grateful heart. Ask Him if He has any plans for you, then listen.

Here am I, send me.

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