Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My beautiful Princessa, Ella

Well, what else can I say except, "She's gorgeous!!"

OK, I know I can come up with some more but she really is the prettiest little girl; what I wouldn't give to have her complexion, not to mention the beautiful skin color!

Ella joined our family last year between Thanksgiving and Christmas. She was born in Cali, Colombia, and will turn three next month. How time flies! Only a year ago did we even learn of Miss Maria Camila, as she was known. It took a few weeks, but after much prayer we knew she was to be our daughter.

In record time, we completed our dossier and four months later were on our way to Colombia. I had never had any desire to go to Colombia but I thoroughly enjoyed my time there in the rain forest. Ella was clearly upset by the move, but I can hardly blame her, as she had been cared for by the same foster mom since shortly after her birth.

Ella is now a much livelier little girl and she has clearly charmed her Papa John. Not long after coming home, he looked at me over her sweetly sleeping form and said, "Thank you for Ella." Now John knows that it was God's will, but the sentiment is sweet; due to his wife's relentless pursuit of adoption we have another little sweetie in the house!

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