Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Christy Challenge

The two posts under this one are book reviews for the Christy Challenge, posed by Shauna at her Shauna Rumbling blog. She gave us a link to the Christy award winners/nominees for the past several years and our challenge was to read one or more and write a short review of the book. Her hope was to challenge our assumptions about great Christian fiction, which many of us thought to be an oxymoron.

I am happy to have participated, and yes, it has changed my ideas about great Christian fiction. Although I didn't just love Levi's Will, it was well written and certainly kept my interest. I thoroughly enjoyed River Rising, though, and would love to read more of Athol Dickson's books.

I still think there is a lot of twaddle in Christian fiction, but I was thrilled to find plenty of meat, too! Thanks, Shauna!

**I'm updating to say that I actually won a book from Shauna! She drew names of all the participants and I was it!! Woo Hoo!! Thanks, Shauna! I have no idea which book she is so kindly sending me, but what a fun surprise!!


Shauna said...
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Shauna said...

Hi Jill! Please email me your mailing address. It's shaunarum at gmail dot com. Thanks!