Thursday, July 5, 2007

Anna Banana

My firstborn baby girl came to us four months after returning from China with her big sister, Song. Anna often tells us she remembers China because she "peeked" while she was there in her mommy's belly.

Anna is a free spirit and very independent. If she didn't look so much like her father I would think the mailman left her for us. She is great about finding things to do around the house. Her favorites are playing with "Target animals." These are little animal figurines by Schleich that are now sold at Target. For a long time her favorite was a penguin, although the horses are not far behind. I will often walk upstairs to find herds of animals out all around the balconies.

Although she is independent, she is also a snuggler, much to her father's delight. On cold winter nights she makes a date with her daddy for snuggling in our warm bed after dinner, and she is relentless until he keeps the date!

Anna is also very concerned that she is included with the big kids of the family, whether by thought or deed. Although for years she was my girly girl, she decided that was just too babyish and traded in pinks and purples for greens and blues. When we adopted Vera, who is 10 months older, Anna was not very happy about having a big sister until we assured her that in our minds she was Vera's big sister. Once that was settled in her mind she was fine!

Anna has lately taken on the mantle of big sister in new and sweet ways. I find her frequently taking Emma and Vera to the school room and setting them up to draw and color. She speaks to gently to them, spending lots of time coloring alongside them. She tries to remind them of the rules of the house in a kind way, too. Her mommy could certainly learn from her!
I have no idea who took this picture, but it's so Anna! She always makes us laugh!!

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